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Reversing One-Way Signs [Kristine]

Friends Only :)

Yes, we need you guys to sign up for this. :)

here to join.
p.s. fancy friends-only banner will come later. patience. ;)


Community To-Do List:
  1. Convince Patrick to grow his sideburns back.
  2. Decipher all lyrics to the songs in Folie à Deux.
  3. Upload lyrics of all Fall Out Boy songs.
  4. Reach a member count of 50+.
Hey, we can all dream, right? :)


We need your help!
Please post comments with your deciphered lyrics, discussions about the meaning of the songs or anything you can possibly relate to the subject/song.


For now, other posts won't be allowed so as to prevent untidyness and general mass disorder.
Hopefully, when all Fall Out Boy lyrics (from albums and others) are posted, we'll be able to lift this.


If you really think we need to create a new post for something very, very, important, e.g. a picspam of Patrick's thighs, comment on this post and we'll get to it right away. :)
If you want to request other things like graphics or fics, you can also do so here. We all know how much talent all our members have so it's just common sense for all of us to share the wealth.


Occasionally, we post Fall Out Boy news that everyone must know.
If you have any that you would like to share, please don't hesitate to leave a message or comment.
Patrick thanks you for having such an inquisitive mind. ;)


Please make use of the tags if you want quick, painless searching and lyric-ravaging.
It's there to help, not hurt. ;;)

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